Flickr: new to export photos via a EMBED player

Flickr has long been an industry leader , but the service must now face competition increasingly fierce, and the emergence of a number of competing platforms. So he had to react and that is precisely what led him to launch in May a new purest nicer version and that showcases pictures . A new version even comes with 1TB of storage space in the ” cloud ” , nothing to spoil . Today , Flickr is back with improvements of this time to export photos through a EMBED player.

Storing photos on a dedicated platform for this purpose is one thing, but must still be able to easily share with our loved ones. In this respect, Flickr includes a number of specially dedicated to this use functions. He and just a few clicks to send our favorite shots on Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr and Pinterest. If we wish, we can also provide our contacts by email, or even outright copy their address to share then by other means .

lecteur-exportable-flickrAnd then there is the exportable player.

The aim of the latter is quite simple and works exactly the same principle that all readers of the same kind . It will therefore allow us to integrate the cliché of our choice on any web page , through an EMBED player. It is obviously possible to choose the size and format , Flickr will then take to generate the script that we will stick to our site or our blog.

This famous Embed Code gives pride to the image, of course, but it also has the good taste to include the title of the photo and the photographer’s name superimposed . Be careful though, because only public photos can be shared in this way. In addition , Flickr has done things rather because this player also allow you to navigate through the album or group, without having to visit the site. It’s not bad and it should also be noted that this player will be considered in the statistical service.

I do not know if this new exportable player will really allow Flickr to find all its glory , but I must admit that it is pretty well thought out. Simple and effective.

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