How to Get an IT Job on a Cruise Ship

As information technology on cruise ships is evolving, the demand for IT jobs onboard has too. So what are these cruise jobs all about and how do you go about getting one?

Just as on land, a cruise ship has a need for a myriad of computer-savvy crew. At one end of the spectrum they need persons to look after the behind-the-scenes operation of onboard computer systems.

Also, as cruise ships look for ways to make additional revenue, they now employ computer instructors and managers in charge of internet cafes. Keen cruise job applicants will want to apply for all computer jobs with the same resume and cover letter, but DON’T.

Each of the computer-related jobs is very different so treat each cruise position as a separate entity. Consider that the Internet Cafe Manager is hired by a specific concessionaire, but Computer Officers or Information Systems Managers (I/S Manager) are usually hired directly by the cruise line. Furthermore, Computer Instructors are hired by a completely different agency.

The best advice is to send separate resumes and cover letters to each specific job you want to apply for. This means that each resume and cover letter should have an “Objective” stating the exact position you are applying for. Then, your resume needs to back up that particular cruise ship job with skills and experiences that closely mirror that particular cruise ship job.

If you know a bit about computers and are interested in working in IT onboard, then checkout how latest article How to Get an IT Job on a Cruise Ship, which details the differences in the onboard computer-related positions. The article also gives tips on how to apply for these IT jobs.

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