Google adds new features to Google Forms

Create forms with Google is possible. If you are looking to plan events, send a survey, or easily gather additional information, then Google Forms is positioned as a major component. Although this tool is already practiced, Google does not want to stop there way. This is what proves the search giant adding some attractive features …google-forms

Find what you are looking for!

As for “Docs” and “Slides”, you can now use the search menu to quickly access most of the features of Google Forms. To find this menu, simply go to “Help” from the main menu. A search bar opens. Simply enter a keyword to get a list of suggestions.trouver-google-forms

New ways of managing your questions

Forms now have new tools to control how the survey questions appear. For example: you can mix the issues with the new option “Sort questions in random” or block the access number to your form by user with the option “Users can only answer once.”parametres-formulaire

short URL

The main investigation or survey goal is to be shared! Google therefore take this opportunity to add an option to shorten the URL of the form. This is handy because the link is a form of long sooooo original!
When you go to “Submit”, you now have an option called “reduced URL”. Check it if necessary.url-courtes-formulaire

Google Forms are you using? These options will be useful?

Source: Google Blog.

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