Why Google+ is a crappy name for a social network

Google+ is the next new Google social network. Far from stopping failures of Google Buzz and Google Wave, the Mountain View company has once again launched the conquest of a social network “that will filling operations race!” However, on reflection, we already feel that Google is set on one thing: the project name! Google+, or how Google has chosen a name for crappy social network …google+-projet

Google + or Google+?

Have you tried typing a search about this new social network? I invite you to do this in two ways: once by typing “Google +” and once by typing “Google+” (without space).
If you’re quick on your keyboard, you’ve probably noticed that the first search led nowhere! No link to the famous new social network.

No “+” in a URL!

If you want to go to the address of the site you need to go to http://plus.google.com/. Us who will actually enter his “more google” search engine? Moreover, writing my article on the presentation of Google+, I realized that we could not put the “+” sign in the URL!

Google+ or Google +1?

Google +1 is the button that allows you to inform your friends that something you really liked. Released in early June, it almost has the same name as his little brother!
What mix brushes beginners.

Google+: already forgotten?

Even if I show that Google+ is the name of shit, I do not think the service is the same. Indeed, it was after my presentation Google+ I look forward to my invitation to test the icon wink Service Why Google+ is a crappy name for a social network

What do you really think the name Google+? Do not hesitate to let you go, I take full responsibility!

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