Google Takeout offers a new interface and backup to Google Drive

Google has made ​​some changes to its Google Takeout platform. The service receives a new and more intuitive than the previous edition user interface. There is also a new feature that will appeal to many Google users: You can now export your backup on Google Drivegoogle-takeout-nouveau

Google allows users to download their data. For example you can download important data such as Gmail messages, calendar data, contacts, all files in Google Drive or all videos uploaded to YouTube.

Google Takeout has changed its layout and design of the website to improve usability of the process. When you open the website, a list of Google products is displayed. All services are listed with the product name and a brief description (for some). A “switch” on the right allows you to determine if the data will be included in the export or

A total of 19 products were listed. Note that you can click on any product on this page to view customization options. If you select your drive, for example, you can choose to export only selected files and folders.
Google Takeout Google Drive!

It’s the little novelty! Download links are sent to you by e-mail by default, but you can change this so that downloads are automatically sent to Google Drive. Note that once the archive is created, it is added in Drive and you receive an email with the link to access. These archives are credited to the storage space allocated to

How do you find the new Google Takeout?

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