Hiring an SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO consultant to handle the natural position of the company is a decision as important as hiring a sales manager or accountant to take you the taxes. Many can improve the visibility and reputation of your site, but can also wreak havoc. Thus, we must learn to hire.

In most cases, the usual services of an SEO consultant, usually the following:

  1. Review and development of website content
  2. Review of the structure of the website
  3. Technical Support (buying domains, hosting, programming errors, SEO web design, etc …)
  4. Research and consultancy keywords
  5. Competition Study

It is important to understand that SEO has nothing to do with PPC Campaign Management, it is the ads that appear to the right column of the search results page. No browser accepts money to appear in a better position of the organic results. Therefore, the fee you pay your SEO consultant is paid only for their services.

One of the best times for hiring an SEO, is the time in which you want to opt for a redesign of its website, or want to create a new one. Thus, be sure the site is planned and designed optimally for search engines find you and index. But a seo consultant can also work on a site that is already created, improving the content and structure.

To determine whether an SEO consultant is unsafe, may perform the five key questions you should answer all SEO consultant.

  1. How long does it take to see results?
  2. Do I have to sign a long term contract?
  3. What exactly do my site?
  4. Do you make incorrect changes to the search engines?
  5. Can you promise a specific result?

Once you have completed these questions, and all others who believe they may be relevant, follow these tips:

Be wary of any consultant to ensure positions: Finder has no preference for anyone, and you can not agree on any position.
Be wary of any consultant with secrets and is not exactly what people will do on your website. Ask for explanations and transparency at all times. Remember that SEO is forbidden techniques that can penalize your website.
Be wary of any consultant to discuss shipments to hundreds of directories and search engines. Not affect the positioning.
Be wary of any consultant to buy domains to his name (the consultant).
Be wary of any consultant to place links to other websites on its own.

These are only guidelines for the proper choice of an SEO consultant, but not exhaustive. If you are in the process of finding a consultant, I recommend you read this guide from Google to the correct choice of an SEO consultant.

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