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Finally, this time I would like to tell you an interesting story about travel around the world. Our destination is Uni Emirat Arab, a country filled with dessert, camels, and Arabic people. But however you must be know another side of Arab that they are well know about the largest oil production in the world. That’s why I like to referring one of my friend from Arab as “Raja Minyak” (King of Oil). Hahaha, nowadays oil price in my country is insanetlly expensive lol.

Back to the main topic, have you ever taking a HOLIDAYS IN DUBAI? If you thought that Dubai is full of camel, you’re wrong. Dubai is one of most beautiful place in the world that become the most favorite tourism spot among travelers. When I know about this fact, I’m just curious about that place. I think there is nothing wrong to have planning to go visit Dubai someday. Yeah, that just my planning. If you are interesting to taking Dubai Holidays before me, first of all you need some preparation. To comfort your travel to Dubai, you need an assistance from third-person or companies that would help you about taking HOLIDAYS DUBAI. That’s so important to take a holiday package to manage your journey, air ticket, and your hotel accomodation. For this matter, are here to help you manage everything. They are the tour operating division of Ickenham Travel PLC who have been offering personal business travel services and was online for over 30 years. If you want to know more about its reliability in serving travel package, you can get some clue by visit the site. No worries about the pricing, They offers travel package and some additional service of Dubai Holiday at affordable price.

Taking a trip around the world is the most interesting things in my life. So, I won’t miss it when I have a chance. If you are unable to make your wish come true about taking holiday in Dubai, at least I would bring some souvenirs for you.

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