How long for a successful blog?

Well, I’m tired! I have so many questions by email on the time required for a successful blog that I am an article. Many say: “My blog has been around 3 years and I have nothing! ” The blog or site is a project in the long term, so not worth waiting for results within a few months. 4 months is the time it takes for the search engines fully reference your blog. So it’s once they have indexed all the pages, we can study the statistics to extract the queries.

Once you have an idea of the concerns of users, you can document to write your articles. Choose items that solve a problem, and then you can save for occasional personal opinions. In fact, I think most sites are largely undervalued, and that the phenomenon is still in its infancy. There is not much investment on the Web because they are afraid of the return on investment. But a website or blog can monetize well constructed and that income will continue over time. If you can write good content, then there is no doubt that you will succeed!

Initially, it is always very complicated like all other projects, but we must not give up, because all efforts will be useless. We can make money on the Web, but that is not appropriate for everyone! I love especially the guys who speak of personal development to earn $1000 per week from the first month! Learn first to win your first hundred with your site to think of the first dollar, then goes to one hundred dollars and maybe you will reach a thousand dollars.

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