How To Add Icon (Favicon) for You Blog

If you noticed at your tab browser and there is a small icon at left-side of the browser, that’s called favicon. Just like this screenshot that snap my own blog. Maybe my icon is bad, but that is it.

If you using blogspot, your icon must be Blogspot icon because you are about using they hosting service. But you can customize that icon into your preferred icon. Just follow this instruction :

  • Login to your blogger
  • Enter “layout” menu, choose “edit HTML” menu.
  • Don’t forget to check “expand widget template” box
  • Search </head> code, simply by pressing CTRL and F and paste it.
  • If you found it, paste the codes below right after </head>

<link href=’http://youricon.jpg‘ rel=’shortcut icon’/>

  • Replace “youricon” with your image URL you already uploaded. Your image caan be in PNG of GIF format.
  • Have you done? Then, save your work and mission compelete.

Now your favicon has been added. Hope you will like your new favicon. Seeya.

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