How to choose a good domain for my website?

domain nameOne of the first decisions made when developing a Web project is to choose an appropriate domain name for the website. The domain will be the brand that we represent you in the network. Lightly Choose a domain name can bring future failures in the strategy of promoting a site. To do this we must take into account certain factors that will make our website is always in the “Favorites” of our potential customers.

A domain name that represents what I am

Do a domain search for a Web page is a similar process to create a brand name. We fully understand from our company or project.

Who is our target? What is the purpose of our web site, What does my Web Web is not competition? What is the vision and mission of my web project? etc., are some of the questions that will help us draw up a storm of ideas that lead to a preliminary list of domain names. After obtaining provisional list, we will discard those domain names that do not meet certain efficiency factors. To eliminate non-viable alternative domain names we suggest following these recommendations:

Long or short domain names?

Although many portals domain registration permit up to 63 characters and it’s available when you using domain name search engine, do not try to get your domain name approaches such character length. As a good mark, a domain name should be easy to remember. For this reason short domains work better than long ones. Also the longer a domain, the more likely that an error occurs while writing a potential customer.

Try to choose the shortest domain name that your customers and visitors would associate with your business. It is advised that the domain name is less than 7 characters if possible.

There are long names that can be recalled easily. Normally domain names are represented by simple sentences and easy to memorize. For example, a domain name as “” is long but easy to remember.

Domains that are positioned well in search engines

The domain name can become an ally in putting the website on the top of search engines. The algorithms of search engines take into account (among other factors) the domain name to locate a particular page in the ranking of results.

For example, if you are dedicated to selling socks for diabetics and your domain name is “www.diabeticsocks“, this will add one more point to leave your website listed in the top of search engines for the phrase search for “diabetic socks”

Remember that only have a domain so you can compete strongly for a single key word search. Discuss what is the word that best sums up their activity and try if you can put as a domain name.

Characters are not recommended for a domain name

There are certain domain names that despite being short are hard to remember because the combination of letters is not familiar to the vocabulary of potential customers. For example, a domain “” is short but very difficult to remember because it contains a combination of letters rarely used in our vocabulary.

It is also advisable to avoid the numbers in the domain. Whenever we have to say it orally, we must specify whether we refer to the number or the word. For example, if I have the domain “” I have to specify where if you refer as “” or “”

Finding the appropriate extension: com, net, is, org, etc.?

Domains. com as of today are easier to remember and used by default by the Internet. If you can not register the. Com, there is a. Net is also easy to remember.

In the event that the scope of their business alone comprise a country, we recommend also opt for extension of country domains such as. Sees.’s, Etc. In terms of search engines to get an extension of a given country makes our site leave in a better position to search geolocated.

Other recommendations:

Your domain name should be the name of the website. This advice seems obvious, but be surprised at the large number of cases where not match the name of the portal with the specific name of the domain.

If your domain name is a plural, then you should also record the unique and redirect. It is possible that a number of potential customers write the unique domain name when searching for your website.

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