How To Improve Your Spoken English

In one day, I asked my english teacher about how should I do to improve my spoken english. So, here is what my teacher was said to me what she feels can improve my english skills.

In my second thought, I stated thinking about it and realized that I was lucky to be born in Indonesian family. I got english since I was 8 years old. I only ever heard my private teacher speak to my family and me in English. Hence fluency in the language just came naturally to me. I only picked up Indonesian as my mother-language once I started schooling.

A lot of people don’t have such a family environment. The first language they learn is their mother tongue. The next will be Indonesian, if they are based in Southeast Asia. Then when they reach school they finally learn English as the third language. In Indonesia the third language is English, which is the reason why despite accent trouble they are much more comfortable speaking in English.

At last, here are a few tips that I have collected from my teacher to help improve my Spoken English and yours as well.

  • Get comfortable with the language. Read for 20 minutes in English. It can be a newspaper, a short story, a poem, or even a novel. In other words, make yourself as your own mother-language.
  • Develop your written language. If you don’t have the requisite vocabulary you won’t be able to communicate.
  • Start Speaking. Try out your spoken English on anyone who will be able to respond to you. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If necessary, you can also try to record your speaking by some recordable devices to make sure that you has able to speak fluently. Listen to your voice and catch your pronunciation mistakes. Make a deliberate effort to avoid them.
  • Keep your ears open for the accent. Watch the English news on Television. Watch BBC for the British Accent, Cinema in English, and much more.
  • Grammar is important. The parts of speech, tenses, form of verb, articles and modals all contribute to fluency. Make an effort to learn them daily.
  • Make the Dictionary your best friend. To date I head for it when confronted with a new word. Familiarize yourself with its meaning and use it in a sentence that very day.
  • Start writing a Diary or you can also make an online diary as a blog. It will allow you to practice the language in a totally non threatening environment. Write one entry of at least 100 words everyday.

Consequently your Spoken English will improve, but not if you are lacking in commitment. It’s all very well to be pumped up today about learning the language and forgetting all about it tomorrow.

Always remember the skills involved in any language are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Any single one can’t be developed in isolation.

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  1. Danta says:

    Hi.. thx 4 the tips :D, I wanna try it

  2. Artikel Kehidupan says:

    I need it very much… thanks

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