How To Install Hymmnos Letter In Photoshop

Well, this time I want to fulfilling my friend’s request about how to install Hymmnos letter in her Photoshop. For you, Ar Tonelico lover, this tips could useful. In your Photoshop, you must be find several fonts such as Arial, Verdana, New Times Roman, Comic Sans,and much more that used to make a letter, decorating words, and much more to sweeten your edited picture. Now I would like to give you an instruction how to install and add the Hymmnos font into your Photoshop. Thanks to Orica jelek who gave me this tips and Lazy-kun who help Orica to find this.

Actually, this file can be found at Salsburg. But this time I’ll give you a shortcut instead.

First, download the Hymmnos letter ver.1 HERE.
Extract the downloaded file (in .rar format), then copy.
Go to your PC control panel, click on “Font” menu and paste the font there.
Done, after that, open your Photoshop. Try to write something and highlight it as Hymmnos. The result can be like this :
You have done well and you are ready to make your own letter in Hymmnos language. Well, express your feeling into Hymmnos language. When you have successfully installing Hymmnos font, please refresh this page and you’ll see text below in Hymmnos font.

Wee ki ra selena anw yasra wiene, en chs CHRONICLE KEY sos yor…
Wee ki ra araus tes soare an gioue mea iem…
Aws au ga whai pauwel ferda enter whou na neddle sor,
En whai pauwel gaunji yasra whou na senjue sor tou zuieg?

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  1. orangpelupa says:

    frelia, so where did you get the fonts from?

    –> download the Hymmnos letter ver.1 HERE.

    what the difference between Ver.1 and the previous version? (the one that already on the net years ago)

    i want to check it myself but ziddu just sux, it stay at waiting connection…..
    or maybe its just my ISP that sux >_>

  2. Administrator Frelia says:

    As I mentioned, I got it from Hymnoserver. I think there’s no difference about Ver.1 or else because looks like all version just same.

  3. Mell Enchantress says:

    Whoo! Thanks Frelia san for your advice! Now I can use hymmnos text anywhere~ I did it!

  4. fayharn says:

    hm~ the Admin is really kind teaching us how to use it~

    But, Deci already teach me before still it's helping

  5. Pulsa Termurah says:

    Hi, this is my 1st time visit. Vey nice template you have. Thx for your post. It's enriching knowledge indeed

  6. Death Blog says:


    You really like hymnos don't you? ^^

    *My self like it* XP

  7. Anonymous says:

    umm.., why the download is took so long time?

  8. Felix Magat says:

    well done Frelia. thanks for your help. I've been looking for this since I played Ar Tonelico for the first time. xD

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thx alot…. Ms Frelia… I've a hard time looking for the folder "Font".

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ms Frelia thx so much… hey I like the frelia on the right… It reminds me when she sings the EXEC_HAIBANATION/. hahaha.. thx again..

  11. barajakom says:


  12. sinful-karma says:

    can i use the font on facebook?

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