How To Make A Nice Blog Basically

Blogging is an easy thing you can do, also that’s interesting. To make a quality blog, of course you will need some effort to make it. I don’t mean to teach you because I’m sure you are smart enough. Really, I must prove my words, at least for my blog I managed so far.

This tips I used every post I wrote, like this blog. Hopefully it can be useful, just cannot compared to other blogger master outside…lalala

This might some tips from me personally, lalala :

  • Choose the topic you like it, for example I write blog about Ar Tonelico, so the main topic of my blog is about Ar Tonelico. Do not copy from other blogger’s post. You must show your original style of blogging.
  • Your blog is your diary, as I regarded my blog as my diary in every people has a different experience, or style of writing. So, if you feel blank about making a new post, just use your own experience as the topic.
  • Make your blog easy to accessed by everyone. Don’t put something that will make your blog feels heavy. Also consider for your gadget position. Make it in harmony.
  • Keep your blog updated. If you want your visitors love you, make it updated with fresh contents.

Hmm, I think that’s all. Other tips shall posted soon.

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