How to make hair grow fast

In this post we give you ideas on how to make hair grow very fast, first of all should know that the hair needs a time of growth and that nothing is an overnight, but if you’re so impatient with a little attention and perseverance can help your hair grow gradually and also prevent it from falling.

  • Every time you bathe using a shower cap for your hair does not get wet, you understand that you should not shampoo every day, every other day is sufficient, this will help keep it healthy and avoid dropping.
  • Use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type, do not think you can use any shampoo, for certain specific reasons, and scientists in the cloud is indicated “Shampoo for oily hair, dry, colored or normal”, or you can also use long hair vitamins for more desired result.
  • When do you wash your hair three times with shampoo, it need not make too much foam, shampoo with a thick foam are synonymous with detergent and will eventually damage your hair.
  • After washing use a special conditioner for your hair type.
  • Tease your hair gently, never pulling if it becomes entangled.
  • Avoid using buckles, braids, jelly and all that compress your hair, it will crisp.
  • Especially in the summertime or bath apply a cream mask according to your hair type.

All of these tips are to apply in a superficial way but none can be effective if you do not minding in a healthy lifestyle as a diet rich in nutrients.

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