How to submit your blog to Google News

Google News is a service that provides a compilation of articles published by many news sources speaking from 8 categories headlights: In one, International, United States, Business, Science / Tech, Sports, Culture and Health. If you treat one of these categories, it would be wise to submit your site or blog.
Here are a few simple tutorial that shows you how to submit your blog to Google News and how to check if you are indexed :

  • Head for the assistance of Google News and click “Submit news content”
  • The next screen will ask if you are the webmaster or blog
  • Once you answer “Yes”, a menu will open just below
  • Respond to information that you request:
  • General Information
  • Country Information Site
  • Type of content
  • Your address
  • Confirm everything by clicking on “Submit”

And now, it remains to wait for a confirmation from Google. Incidentally, if anyone knows how long they are to deliver an answer, I’d be curious to know, I have found nothing that indicates.

How do you know if your blog is indexed by Google News

Pending confirmation from Google, you can check in seconds if your site or blog is indexed correctly … or not (no panic, it will not happen in the coming hours)
To do this, simply type this line in the search box: (obviously you replace “” by the name of your blog) And it looks …
Not indexed yet, of course! Yes well, just be patient XD
To learn more, you can take a ride on the support forum or in support of Google News.
Have you considered offering your blog to Google News? How long did you wait?

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