How to travel safely with a laptop on you

laptop-securityWhen traveling, it’s probably your most expensive, most fragile and most cumbersome. It is also a particularly popular and many fragile. And then, cybercrime poses a real problem. Here are some basic rules to follow based on my traveling experience …

In public places:

  • If you work at a public table, I advise you to protect your laptop with an anti-theft number. Run the cable around a fixed leg of the table. Or pillar for example.
  • If you do not, ask your neighbor to watch your hardware time you go to the bathroom. Even in a quiet bar and back, you risk that someone from outside part with your current laptop. If in doubt, take it with you in the toilet :)!

In transportation:

  • In transportation, never put your laptop in your big bag. Carry it with you always. Forget the dedicated pockets. Put it in your rucksack. The best is a backpack with a padded compartment dedicated bag like Lowepro Fastpack 250. Make sure it is watertight during heavy rains. In all cases, provide a plastic bag.
  • Do not take it with you for a ride as possible. It will be safer at the hotel in a locker. If there is none: put it in your suitcase or bag padlocked. Or use the cord lock to secure a fixed support in your room.


  • Remember to regularly back up your data on a web space like Dropbox.
  • The ideal is to double the security of your data: a physical medium (key, hard drive
  • external) + online storage.
  • Use a complicated password. The thieves and the crack will have access to. The most effective is to combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, letters and punctuation marks.
  • Do not store account numbers or credit card, your Social Security number or other confidential data.

Wireless network:

  • Up-To-date antivirus, firewall enabled, make recent updates …. do you ever connect to a wireless network open, no password. Indeed, it is then easy for a hacker to take up all your passwords.
  • Login as HTTPS. This protocol enables secure your transactions. Do the same to your email message.
  • Use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. All your data is encrypted. It becomes very difficult for a hacker to recover your information. You can also surf the Internet anonymously.
  • Disable Ad Hoc Mode. This mode allows you to connect to the Internet by connecting to another computer. If you are in this case, another computer can access your data. Control Panel / Network Connections / Wireless / Properties /
  • Advanced / Uncheck both boxes.
  • Disable file sharing. Control Panel / Network Connections / Wireless / Properties / Lift Sharing files and printers for Microsoft Networks.

Other tips:

  • Be discreet: Do not leave your laptop in the street, a bus or another.
  • Make sure the correct power supply voltage of your laptop.
  • Remember to take the invoice with you, it may be required at the services.
  • For Mac owners, there is a program that allows you to draw your laptop by geotagging and webcam (photo of the thief on the screen). To be taken lightly. Moreover, this does not mean at all that the police will do something …

Like that, I hope it can be helped and be always be careful. To me, my laptop is half of my life XD.

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