I Love Pocky

pockyPocky is a small shaped cookie crisp and colorful stick covered with chocolate icing is a veritable institution in Japan and closely resembles its European cousin: The Mikado. Indeed, Mikado is nothing more than the principle of Pocky taken by a French firm: the company LU under license from the Japanese firm “Ezaki Glico” Pocky famous owner.

Why does Pocky so popular?

Firstly it is very easy to eat. It plunges his hand into the packet, it pulls out a stick and toasted it, it crunches, crunches on. Attention fingers! It’s so delicious you could chew a bit too … Also edible everywhere! Not like a pizza place to be seated at the table and attention to the fat that remains on the hands. The pocky quite the opposite, it is tiny, mimi and any dry fingers.

Then, the Pocky has a range of different glazes, there is something for everyone! This obviously attracts more gourmet. This is very simple: white chocolate, black, hazelnut, almond, praline, milk, etc … At the most varied and original: the stripes of all colors, glazing fruit of all kinds, honey, pudding, Special Valentine’s Day, etc. …

The Pocky is so popular that November 11 has become “the day of Pocky. Why November 11th? Well, simply because 1 looks like a small stick. So the 11/11 is a day full of 1, full of sticks, lots of Pocky!

And that day! It really is Pocky Day in the streets. We see everywhere and balloons in the shape of Pocky are even distributed to fans.

I already guessed the huge festivities that take place in 2011 … 11/11/11! The Pocky will invade the streets! (Besides, soon Pocky replace the exclamation points … This is an idea for a future smiley.)

Where does the name Pocky?

Simply the sound it makes when the undertaker. No do not stress, the cookie does not scream “Pocky” when we eat. Pocky comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia “Pokki” (????). Just like chocolate “Crunch” for an acknowledgement.

Well, now I think you know the outline of Pocky. You could certainly see him in some manga and animation, as some mangaka being fans, they love to make their characters eat.

An example in the manga InuYasha:

And to finish in style, here are some videos of Pocky commercials. Attention is also stronger than the Caramell Dansen, I guarantee you’ll have the song in his head all day, if not for several days … At your own risk.

Let’s see about this video, So funny

Well, enjoy that. I love pocky so much^^

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  1. reza says:

    hahahaha …. you're right! it so funny. You are good in blog content-haunted. That's y i love your blog. Thanks 4 sharing.

  2. Mee2 says:

    Mmmm…I love Pocky. My husband grew up with it, and now my kids are growing up with it.

  3. kartiko says:

    i don't know pocky..

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  5. LittlePeopleWealth says:

    Hmm, I've never had it. You were one of my top entrecard droppers this month. I will be posting a link back tomorrow, thanks!

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