Most Important Element of Cruise Ship Resumes

Job applicants spend hours and maybe days tweaking their resumes, looking for grammatical errors, and adjusting the content. But employers may not read the whole resume because of one shortfall, The Career Objective.

This is one of the most important elements of the resume, because if it interests the reader, they’ll read further. If it doesn’t, they won’t…simple as that.

But, how do you make a Career Objective grab the attention of the hiring manager, prompting him/her to contact you for an interview?

1. State the actual position that you are applying for – Be specific. If you are applying for a job as a Junior Assistant Purser, say so. If you are applying as a Port and Shopping Guide, say it.

Don’t just say that you want to get a job within the cruise industry.

2. Name the cruise line you are applying to within the objective – Again, be specific and say Princess Cruises or Disney Cruise Line, depending who you are applying to.

Change this section of the Objective with each resume you send out.

3. State the amount of experience that you have – How much experience do you have that relates specifically to the job you are applying for? State it.

For example,

Career Objective: To be hired as a Junior Assistant Purser with Princess Cruises using my 12 years of combined banking and customer service experience.

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