Increase productivity on the Internet through Toggl

One of the best ways to increase productivity on the Internet is to start with control! Ok Einstein, but how does it work? It’s very simple. Toggl is a new free online service that allows you to time and analyze everything you do on the Internet. Try to put yourself facing a time and you will find that your productivity will be even better …toggl

Toggl, tracker simple and free time

As I explained above, the best way to increase productivity is to verify it. Start by creating a free account on Toggl. You can do this through an email or a Google Account.

Then you start to time your time by creating a task. This starts a timer and it is up to you to discover the time it takes you to complete your daily tasks!

Toggl, how to increase productivity

Monitoring of working time can be as a team or in a personal activity. Toggl proposes:

  • Easily track your time both online and offline.
  • Rapidly tasks.
  • Add a description, project, client, task, or others.
  • Attach up to 5 members in your team.
  • Export comprehensive reports

toggle-augmenter-productiviteDetailed reports are the highlight of this service. They control how you or your team spend your time. These reports can be generated from the Web application. You can export them to PDF, CSV or XLS to send to your customers or import them into other software.

Toggl landed well with all the necessary tools: iPhone apps, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and extensions for browsers.

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