Instapage to create a sales page (Landing Page) quickly

If you sell a product on the Internet you necessarily know the famous “landing page“. This “sales page” is required to present your product (ebook, video training, etc.) to make money. The problem is that you generally have good technical knowledge to a satisfactory result.

Instapage is a free online service that will simplify your task. It creates a sales page (Landing Page) quicklyinstapage

Instapage, an online service to create a great sales page

Instapage is free to create a sales page. Simply register on the site using your email address, a nickname, and a password. Then you select your template and customizing it. To do this, adding titles, images, links, buttons, text, and anything that can generate sales on your wonderful product!

Once you get past this customization step, it remains for you to post your sales page via the “Publish” button. At this level, Instapage becomes even more interesting. Indeed, it proposes the launch of your page in a format like this “”, it also proposes to import your creation on a WordPress blog !

instapage-analyseInstapage and WordPress: a sales page a few clicks

When publishing your sales page, click the “WordPress” button to download the extension WordPress Instapage. Then, nothing complicated:

  • Install the extension and connect to your Instapage account.
  • On Instapage, click “Send to WordPress.”
  • In your WordPress dashboard, click “Add new”.
  • Set the options (title, URL, page type).
  • Click “Publish”

instapage-page-de-venteInstapage to create a sales page on their site quickly. Then you can load it on your WordPress thanks to the extension. You can even put this new page on the home page via the drop down menu of the “Instapage type”. Select “Home Page” and voila!

Instapage, an impressive line-up!

Instapage is an online amazingly simple service. It took me a few minutes to create a sales page and embark on a WordPress site. Instapage still takes the concept a step further as it allows to create “variants” and test them. So you can increase your sales by keeping each time the best sales page!

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