ipernity, store photos and videos for free

Pictures and videos are priceless. The loss would be a tragedy for you. With all services available today, you can now store everything on the Internet (in the cloud). ipernity is a website that allows you to organize your thousands of photos and all your memories to build over time in a single space and secure your digital assets …

It starts with a free registration on ipernity. You are different choices as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, an email address, etc.. Thereafter, and once you have confirmed your account, you can send your photos and videos.

ipernity-homeWhen you register ipernity, you have a free account which allows you to import up to 200 MB per month of fresh content and publish your latest content 200 (oldest content is hidden). The maximum filesize for added file is 30 MB

To unlock these restrictions, you must become a member of Club ipernity. Expect to pay about € 50 for a year. Learn all about the pay packages must move to the relevant page.

Ipernity with, you can publish and share your photos, videos and all your digital memories. You can also keep in touch and interact with those who are dear to you.
Note qu’ipernity is not very recent, since the project was launched in 2005 by two French programmers. I have a little ashamed to admit it, but I just found the!

ipernity is a clone of sharing site Flickr photographs. However, it offers more features.

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