iPhone 6: Towards a technology inspired by the Lytro?

The iPhone 6 will not be officially presented several months , but that does not stop some specialized sites begin to consider his case . Apple Insider has decided to conduct further investigations based on patents filed by the firm , and more specifically from snooping in the index USPTO. Although it took for so he fell face to face with a document describing the operation of a technology similar to that of Lytro , a technology that could be integrated into future mobile terminals of the bitten apple , and perhaps even its next smartphone.

A little reminder of the facts is required. The Lytro has arrived on the market in March 2012 and it caused a sensation with photographers , of course, but also to all those interested in some way to digital technologies. Why ? Simply because it is the first plenoptic pocket camera , of course!lytro-iphone-6

PLENO … what? Okay, this is not necessarily the easiest to pronounce the word, but you will at least shine in society . To make it simple and to map the concept a bit , camera plenoptic camera is capable of recording an entire light field in a given frame. The advantage of this technology is that the photographer does not have to worry about the development as may be after the captured image.

Steve Jobs had a crush on the Lytro

Fascinating, is not it? Certainly, and Steve Jobs himself was not indifferent to the Lytro . He even invited his creator to visit him at his home in Palo Alto, for a demonstration. The idea of making his way as the famous patent spotted by Apple Insider has been filed in the wake , in 2011.

The thing is that the bitten apple is not the first company to show interest in this technology. Nokia has recently unveiled a new named Refocus application, a function that is simply to alter the depth of field of a photo after his capture . And even if it is necessary to have a device with a sensor type for PureView enjoy , this tool proves at least that it is perfectly possible to transpose the Lytro technology in a mobile terminal.

Given that the iPhone is used by amateur photographers, this would be a good way for the giant still distinguish a little more of its competitors.

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