Is Wikileaks illegal?

Paypal, Amazon, Swiss Post, Visa and Mastercard have all announced they were suspending their services to Wikileaks illegal content. This accusation is completely false, because it’s not that Wikileaks has stolen documents, but Bradley Manning, a U.S. intelligence analyst. Another accusation is that Wikileaks endangers the lives of American soldiers, but so is the media that publish the news of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are even more guilty, because their views are skewed by their editorial line. We can consider that Wikileaks is a new kind of media that offers exclusive content from the source to the reader. The charge of illegal content is rather vague to encompass everything and nothing, and the big play on this Web acrobatics legal under U.S. pressure.

In addition, thousands of people use Paypal, Visa or Mastercard to download illegal content on sites like Rapidshare or pornographic sites, so why not suspend their accounts too? Pornography is banned in many U.S. states, then the law must be identical for all.

Julian Assange was arrested in London yesterday, and he risks being extradited to Sweden, which intends to send to the U.S. What a coincidence … unless it happens to him an unfortunate accident on the way … The site Wikileaks has already declared that the arrest of Assange not halt the publication of the memos. Yet according to Wired magazine who has contacted an official of Wikileaks believes that the organization could be disturbed by this arrest. However, there are thousands of mirrors well as former members of Wikileaks have already created their own organizations because they disagreed with Julian Assange. Governments can not stop the disclosure of confidential documents that they are important or not, as citizens demand to know everything even if the truth is really crap!

Contrary to what the politicians think, the arrest of Julian Assange is not the solution to their problems. Indeed, the founder of Wikileaks has already said that thousands of people publish papers if something happens. Moreover, those who are behind this cabal will trap all alone, because if they release it, then the politicians will lose all credibility. In contrast, if his detention continues, and when he can glue other charges on the back, the movement of sympathy will increase, and we might witness an unprecedented crisis.

Finally, other observers believe that this is just a buzz and we will forget Julian Assange once it disappeared from circulation. The problem is that in all likelihood, Julian Assange has already sent all the confidential documents to its media partners such as The Guardian and The New York Times. As a result, they may be even more aggressive if we did hurt the champion of transparency. But perhaps the truth is that Julian Assange is tired of this chase internationally. American politicians are more biased against Julian Assange because Sarah Palin said that further Julian Assange as we did for Osama bin Laden. I was unaware that the hijacking and diplomatic memos were the same thing?

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