Keep Track of Your Kids with At Home Drug Test

Employers often use drug screening as a prerequisite for employment. They offer workers jobs on a contingency basis, and those who cannot pass the test will lose the position. Employers also use testing as a way to determine whether an employee used drugs or alcohol prior to suffering an injury on the job. While testing has a number of uses in the working world, it also has a number of uses in your home as well. Testing kits let you keep an eye on your teens and ensure they make good decisions when it comes to drugs.

How Does Drug Screening Work?

With drug screening, you buy a drug testing kit that that tests for one or more drugs. Some companies offer tests that work similar to pregnancy tests. As soon as the test finishes, it lets you know if it detected drugs in the sample. Other companies offer a more in-depth analysis. Once you take a sample and place it in the testing container, you mail it back to the parent company. The company will not only tell you if it found traces of drugs but the concentration of drugs found, which lets you know how often your teen uses those substances.

What Do Drug Tests Look For?

Drug kits can test for almost any drug you can name, including cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines. If you want to save money, you can purchase kits that test for two to nine different types of drugs, and some kits will also detect the presence of alcohol. Use Rapid Tests or other sites to find testing kits for your teen.

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