Keybr, a free site to learn how to type faster on the keyboard

Working on a computer requires an intense workout typing. People who come to write with their ten fingers without looking at their screens are real magicians! For my part, I do not do that in the rules of art. If you also type with two fingers, then Keybr can become your new friend! This free site allows you to learn to type faster on the keyboard


Keybr is a free and easy to use Web service. It offers several levels and exercises with increasing difficulty. Everything you need for your workouts is a browser, an Internet connection and a keyboard …!

Keybr offers several different keyboards and text sources. So you can select random text, custom text, and text website or blog. Click on “Graph” to check your progress. You can see the result of your deeds as typing speed, errors or accuracy percentage.

Are you able to type with ten fingers? Do you use a training site?

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