KinCentral, a website for sharing videos and photos safely with your family

Social networks specialized on sharing photos are property. The problem is that you do not necessarily want everyone take a look at the last photo of your child! In these cases, it is better to go through a private service. This is what offers KinCentral an online platform that allows you to share videos and photos with your familykincentral

After a free registration small, you can access the Web service. By simple drag and drop, you can share pictures and videos. In the free version, limited to 30 seconds for video is not. KinCentral but makes up for sharing photos is unlimited!

The site offers a nice interface that contains no advertising. Everything happens from the “KinStream” tab. In “Kin List”, you can set your contacts. Brothers, sisters, children, parents, 8 email addresses are customizable.

KinCentral offers an iPhone app to share directly from a mobile interface.

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKinCentral is excellent! I am a mother, I do not like that everyone sees pictures of my children. That’s why I never disclose their names nor their faces on social networks. KinCentral arrives to address the problem of confidentiality.

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