Did you know? 10 bizarre anecdotes on Facebook

Facebook is a strange site. The first social network cache many stories that are famous. Still, I’m sure you do not know the half. Today, I decided to present 10 odd stories on Facebook. But did you know? …anecdotes-facebook

  1. Smartphone users visit Facebook on average 14 times a day on average, we visit Facebook via the browser of a smartphone application or 13.8 times during the day, for two minutes and 22 seconds. The peak of visits to Facebook is the night before bed.
  2. There are about 600,000 hacking attempts against the Facebook accounts every day!
  3. Several people have already been murdered on Facebook: A Tennessee man, Marvin Potter assassinated in 2012 a couple because he did not accept his 30 years old daughter as a friend on Facebook! And that’s just one example among many other cases.
  4. Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind: the dominant color of Facebook is blue because it is the color that best seen Mark Zuckerberg!
  5. There are about 40 million people dead on Facebook.
  6. Facebook is the cause of divorce 1 of 3: This is a study in the UK which shows that 33% of people cite Facebook as the leading cause of divorce!
  7. Each user has their ID: Enter a number in your behind http://facebook.com/ address and you will discover a redirect bar. IDs 1-3 were tested for profiles Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. However, the ID number 4 is his. Its co-founders, Chris Hughes, ID 5, and Dustin Moskovitz has ID 6.Try it now: http://facebook.com/142707005746914!
  8. French is the fourth most used language on Facebook: the French version of Facebook was launched in March 2008, the end of October 2008, Facebook had 4 million users with accounts in French. In May 2010, the platform accounted 23,504,300 against 44,374,740 in November 2012, an evolution of 88.8%.
  9. 83% of prostitutes have a Facebook page: everything is sold and everything can be bought on the free Facebook platform … Even prostitutes!
  10. The face in the old logo of Facebook was that of Al Pacino: Before the home page is changed in 2007, the first Facebook page contained a logo with the face of a man partially obscured behind a cloud of code binary. Al Pacino was young! Here it is:al-pacino-facebook

Do you know any other stories about Facebook?

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