LastPass was hacked, it’s time to change your password

Security is of vital importance on the internet. Especially since we store all our lives online! Banking information, private photos, personal data and passwords ….

Unfortunately for users in LastPass, the service suffered a data attack that led the company to ask all users to reset their password as a precaution …lastpass-pirate-hack

It was in the night of Monday to Tuesday that LastPass users have received an email indicating that the service had suffered a stroke. Indeed, the team behind the popular online service password management to immediately detect and block suspicious activity on their network. You are then prompted to change your password immediately.

LastPass simplifies your online life by storing for you all your passwords. With LastPass, you can easily manage your login. Aware of the information they have in their hands, the team in charge of this service constantly monitors everything that happens within their service. Unfortunately, sometimes a suspicious activity interferes.

There is no reason to panic either, since the encrypted user data were not stolen.

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