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What is Love? Since the time the English word has been invented to this day, there have been so many explanations about love. Questions about love and its definitions abounds in many written articles about human emotions that tells something about love and the happiness and sadness that it brings . The human emotion that is called love has also inspired writers to write stories of human success and tragedies caused by love. Stories that would combine love with other human emotions such as hatred, jealousy and loneliness and even greed, has now become the standard that would make a story a good read and a movie that would be a good watch.

Indeed, how do we define love? Experts would say that love encompasses a wide ranging human emotions, attitude and experiences that would be relevant to the human sense of caring and even sexual stimulation. In this regard, the word love can thus mean something related to happiness, pleasure and can cover anything from spiritual, maternal and even physical attraction to another person. This wide and prevalent coverage of human tendency towards love as an emotion has resulted to various suggestions and explanation as to the meaning of love.

Attempts at defining love in its concrete and abstract forms can be sufficient in making several books. This is how we humans perceived this seemingly indescribable emotion that is love. The simplicity and intricacy of various meanings plus the complexity of varied human emotions simply will make it too difficult to give the right and the most appropriate meaning for the word love. It would be therefore better to just forget about looking for the most appropriate description about the meaning of love. The best meaning of love is not how others explain it, but how you explain the meaning of your feelings toward a person you love. In other words, each one of us has his own meaning about what is love.

The many forms of love would include maternal love, sexual love, material love, spiritual love, platonic love and many other forms of love. Maternal love is of course the most basic kind of love as it involves our love for our parents. Sexual love would be the affection between couples for the creation of their child. Material and spiritual love will be our inherent love for material possession and spiritual upliftment.

As there are varied kinds of love, so do are the explanations for them. Aside from the fact that there are many kinds of love, people sometimes would try to give some more meaning to a particular kind of love. Like for example your love for your wife. We can say that since you love your wife, the feelings that you have for her would be affectionate and sexual love. And once you do not want your wife to mingle with other people since she is already your wife, then it would be termed as a possessive kind of love. If both of you are so passionate with each other, then we can call your love as a kind of passionate love.

Love they say is what makes the world go round. And if you are in love, you will surely feel the happiness all around you especially when the person you love is near besides you.

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    What a deep explanation from anak sd about love…
    where do you learn about it? I must learn much from you

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