Magisto, create a film your videos and photos in two minutes

Today, it is no longer necessary to install large video editing software to make a film. Applications for smartphone and the Internet have greatly changed the situation. This is for example the case with Magisto, an online service that allows you to create a movie of your videos and photos in two minutes …magisto

Magisto is an easy and fun way to automatically edit your videos and share with friends and family. Simply record your videos and send them on their server: Magisto turns in film music and effects in a few minutes.

Here are 5 steps to make your movie:

  1. Click “Create Movie”
  2. Select the files (videos and photos) from your computer or Google Drive
  3. Choose a style / theme: Christmas, holidays, parties, etc..
  4. Add music from your computer or a selection
  5. Customize the title of your movie and click on “Make My Movie”

When all these steps are validated, you will receive an email a few minutes later telling you that the video is ready. Click on the link in the email and watch your movie!

IPhone and Android apps are available to create your movie from your smartphone. Also, a Chrome extension is available. Magisto is a powerful online service that offers in its free version a clip up to 15 minutes and sending 10 photos and 10 videos.

Note that once created your movie, you can share them on social networks or embed it in a blog.

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