Make a “Moving Text” (Marquee)

making an attractive blog is a desire of the bloggers. All of that for the sake of the precious visitors. One way to make your blog more attractive is your ability to make your text “moving”. This is called Marquee.

Usually we can find any posts with “moving text” at some business site. Thhat’s to make a visitor interested. For example, you can see this text below :


“Welcome to my blog…”


To make that text moving, you can simply insert the text in this code below :

<marquee align=”center” direction=”left”
scrollamount=”3″ width=”60%” height=”100″>

“Welcome to my blog…”


The text with with red color “welcome to my blog” can be replaced with any texts, links, or images. You can make it moving.

Info :

  • Direction “left” : text will moved to left side. You can change to “right” if you want it moved to right side or can be “up” and “down”
  • Scrollamount=”3″ : for set the moving speed. You can change it faster or slower
  • Width : horizontal marquee border
  • Height : vertical marquee border

Done, you can try this in any blog posts. Good luck.

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