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Creating a website can take a lot of time … or not! Indeed, with all the tools available on the Web, it is now very easy to shape a site. Thereafter, you get a publisher who will guide you in your choices. Webnode  is an online platform that lets you make free from scratch, without any knowledge of programming or website design …


Make a free website

Webnode on, everything happens in three simple steps:

  1. You register for free
  2. You choose the website template you like
  3. You can edit your website as you wish

Webnode is a tool particularly well. After choosing the theme, you go to the selection of your pages. They are created automatically. You will find classics such as: contact us, news, photo gallery, guestbook, blog, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) calendar of events, etc..

Thereafter, you get a publisher who will guide you in your choices. Webnode is an online service ideal for beginners with simple editing formulations and French.

Have you ever tested Webnode? What platform do you use to make a free website?

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