Making “Snowfall” Effect to Your Blog

When the winter is coming, you will see the snowfall from your window. It’s beautiful, like the song “Nevicata” by Akiko shikata, I think. Now have you ever imagine if you see the snowfall on your blog? Really, you can make it by add some HTML code. It’s so simple. This is the tutorial :

  • Login to your blog first,
  • Go to Layout, click add gadget,
  • Chose HTML/javascript, paste code below :

<script src=””
* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at
* Please keep this notice intact


Save this. Now let’s see your home blog from outside. You will see the snowfall. Yeaaaah…..the winter is coming 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for giving script

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