Mega is not the new MegaUpload! The fierce fight against piracy

While some already saw Mega as the new MegaUpload, creators of file hosting online service prove otherwise. Indeed, more and more companies are betting on the transparency of their reporting. Mega joined the trend by publishing its data for the first time since its inception in January 2013. It may be noted that a fierce fight against piracy has been established …rapport-mega-megaupload

Mega is not the new MegaUpload!

No offense to users, Mega is back on track. Fini piracy, instead storing and sharing files properly.

With this report, the storage service in the cloud not only shows the number of requests it receives to remove files from their servers, but also that the company actively fight against the spread of protected content. Indeed, while some storage services take about 24 hours to remove the requested files, Mega done in just 4 hours!rapport-mega

Users learn to use Mega

In this graph we see in blue the amount of deleted files remained relatively stable since the beginning. Although there was a peak in the last quarter with 151,756 deleted files, everything is back to normal in the first quarter 2015.

The red line in the chart is intended to reflect the fact that, despite the number of deleted files, this represents a small percentage of the total number of files hosted on Mega servers.rapport-mega-1

Number of suspended accounts since launching in 2013

The launch of Mega was made on January 19, 2013. From then on, some users have taken advantage of this service. Badly since they took ensure administrators on the site. Thus, 29,213 accounts were deleted since launch. As you can see by the graph above, the sorting is done mainly to the launch of the site (21 819 in 2013, 6,814 in 2014 and 580 since early 2015).

Mega, the alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and others?

With this report, Mega probably wants to forget the bad reputation of Megaupload. Mega approaches the notion of other storage service in the cloud. It presents itself as a very good alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive or onedrive.

Do you using Mega? What do you think of this report?

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