Mentor College, the International Marine Hotel Training

mentor collegeMENTOR COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL MARINE HOTEL TRAINING is a not-for-profit educational institution founded in 1969 whose purpose to teach skills that will allow each students to obtain international employment.
For more than 30 years Mentor College has been preparing students for International employment in the cruise line industries in America, Europe and Asia in the food, beverage and housekeeping departements of international hotels, resorts and restaurants.
the College was recently recognized by the Indonesian education department as the best prepatory school in the province of Central Java for instruction in English conversation and international marine hotel training.

Mentor College currently offers the following three programs of instruction.

  • Practical English Conversation
    Because a familiarity with practical English is required of everyone who wishes to obtain employment in the international entertainment and hotel industry, the college offers three levels of english instruction: Conversation, Speech and Discussion. Each level includes speech and pronunciation, structure, conversation, diction, public speaking, reading and listening comprehension, and is concluded by an oral and written examination.
  • International Marine Hotel Training
    The courses of instruction for the international Marine Hotel Training program cover a knowledge of food and beverage service, housekeeping and ship information.
  • Bartender Training
    The bartending course of instruction includes a knowledge of beverage and beverage service, bar management (opening and closing and maintenance of the bar) and the cash register.

In a competitive job market, an international experience sets you apart.

  • Build your international resume
  • Learn a new culture and improve your English level
  • Develop skills & gain confidence in your field of study
  • Have the experience of a lifetime!

Mentor College offers university students all around Indonesia a challenging opportunity to intimately experience life and culture in the U.S. during their summer holiday period through our J-1 Visa Program.the students are able to work side by side with U.S. students at entry level seasonal positions. They do this legally through obtaining a U.S. Government issued J-1 Visa.Our work and travel program allows the students to earn modest spending money to offset some living and expenses during their stay in the U.S.
It offers U.S. employers the ability to acquire extra staff to cover busy seasonal positions in peak travel areas of the United States. The J-1 Visa program allows these students to work for up to 18 months in the United States with a fifth month reserved for travel if the student chooses.

Address :  Jl Sidomukti Raya #31, Tlogosari, Semarang, Indonesia 50196


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