The method to build a blog in 5 minutes

People often ask me how I managed to hold the shock to write one article per day. Apart from an organization with onions, I also have a technique that has frankly nothing secret but once well established, you can build a blog in 5 minutes! Here is the method to follow …


Write a title

The title is the foundation of your article. Ask yourself calm with only companion a notebook and a pen. Let yourself go and write down everything that crosses your mind. Try doing that for 2 or 3 minutes and I’m sure you’ll scratch material.

Write subtitles

Once you have your title, tons of ideas will tumble. Note the most important, they will serve as a subtitle.

Lap top … 5 minutes!

That’s it, you have the basis of your article. You are normally ready to start. You have the two most important things to start. You can now proceed to the final step: content.

Develop content

At that stage, you theoretically an article already drafted. The rest is just a filler. Indeed, the title and subtitle should give you enough ideas to develop your content.

In case you you miss something, here’s what else you inspire:

  • 5 sources of content for bloggers’s inspiration
  • Take the example of other items
  • Draw in your comments or in the old items from your blog (if the bottle, you’ll have no trouble finding)
  • Take for example this article you’re reading. I just noticed a title that crossed my mind. The rest came naturally.

Get this kind of exercise on your side to write an article? Or, how do you proceed?

I’d be curious to know in the comments your writing techniques


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