, a pleasant and different task manager

With the lives we lead today, it is essential to have a tool for managing tasks. Organize his life, his work, or his projects is a must. This is why you see more and more online tools. For my part, I have used for years Remember The Milk and Omnifocus. But I like to try other services. Today is passing my hands! It is a nice and different as you will see below task manager …moodo

At its first connection request you access to your Google Account. Thereafter, a short tutorial accompanies you throughout the service discovery. You learn to create lists, add a date, set priorities, etc. allows to carry out projects and lists of content quickly. It is versatile, flexible and completely free.

8 key points of management tasks

  • Lets you import data from other applications like Trello, Todoist, or Wunderlist.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Acceptance of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use hashtags to find information quickly.
  • Syncs your contacts.
  • With a simple @ you set a date of execution.
  • Multi-platform: iPhone, iPad, Android and Google Chrome.

I took over in minutes. It’s a treat for simplicity. Adding a task has never been faster. The plus of service: automatic synchronization and instant between the Web service and mobile applications. By cons, a negative is noted (at least for my use): the recurring task. Unable to create a repetitive task!

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