MultCloud, manage online storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive …)

Storage services online are now more numerous. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. This is probably why you have several … like me! This is frankly not easy to switch from one service to another. That is why MultCloud will centralize your data to manage your services online storage


MultCloud proposes to centralize data storage services 6 most reputable online. So you have access to:

Before using MultCloud , you must create an account with an email and a username . Thereafter, you connect to your storage services. MultCloud allows the connection of multiple accounts for the same service. For example, it will repatriate all your data if you have 2 accounts Dropbox.

tableau-bord-multcloudMultCloud offers interesting options for file management . You can include cut / copy / paste data between different storage services. Thus, you can copy or cut a document on Google Drive on Box. This process will be done online without having to download anything on your computer. The viewer also included a Web application. You can read all types of documents , such as. Doc . Pdf . Xls , and also images.

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