My Music Cloud : play music online and offline

The streaming music services are wonderful. Radio, playlist, ability to search any song or artist you like, the developers offer many attractive options. The problem is that some are paid and others are not available in our country. Worse, some are not compatible offline! With My Music Cloud, the situation will change. This free online service allows you to play music online and offline


My Music Cloud, registration and importation

As usual with this type of Web service, it all starts with creating a free account. You can do this by email or Facebook. Then you start importing your music. Three choices are available:

  • Automatically from the iTunes library or Windows Media Player.
  • Manually from a specific folder.
  • From other services: from Drobox or Google Drive.

My Music Cloud, a simple dashboard and clean

My Music Cloud caught the eye dice first use. The import is done in one click, music ranks and is quickly (in alphabetical order, in pieces, by albums, by artists). This free online service blocks still an option: sending the number of pieces is limited to 250. Although it makes the music to listen to!


My Music Cloud Mobile Version

Just sync your music on all your devices: your phone, tablet, computer and TV connected when you want. My Music Cloud works with your iPhone camera, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Kindle, and more.

My Music Cloud, some problems!

As you can see, My Music Cloud service is really successful online. However, and this is where we see that it is still in beta, I had a few hiccups on the name of my music. Daft Punk, it became Justin Timberlake and Patrick Bruel turned into Chimene Badi! In these cases, damage can not edit the name of it!

Do you know My Music Cloud?

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