My First $100 From Linkworth, ::Bonus Tips From Me::

Finally, I just received my first payment from Linkworth this morning when I ready to go to the school. A new mail from Paypal notify me that Linkworth has been sent my payment for last month, April. I’m so happy about that first “birthday present” from Linkworth regarding my 16th birthday. This is the proof from my mother’s Paypal account (I still too young to use Paypal)
This payment covered all jobs I received in the middle of April, just for this blog itself. In fact, my blog just born at the end of March and still lower stats like traffics and popularity. But Linkworth still welcomed to receive my blog. No matter of my low stats, I can still apply for some linkpost jobs. At the end, I’ve got over 20 jobs in two weeks. However, I want to say thanks a lot with Orica, who taught me how to write for paid review. She earned more than mine.

Linkworth is a great opportunity to generate a great revenue for bloggers. We can earn even more. Linkworth has less difficulties than the other Paid To Review site. Would you like to know how to play with them? This time I would like to share this tips for you all. Please listen carefully.

If you don’t have Linkworth account, you can signup here by clicking the banner below.

Before you begin, make sure that you have a blog. It’s not necessary to have pagerank and in English, at least your blog have rich content. Click signup and fill the signup form. If you are blogger, just choose “partner account“.

If you have finished, you have to confirm your account via email. Then, submit your blog and the next steps will not so difficult for you. Once your blog approved, you can start to making money. There are various method to make money in Linkworth like LinkAds, LinkPost, Linkwords, Linksura, Linkmura, etc. But linkpost is my favorite and easiest one for me.

First, you must know the certain time when you could get Linkpost jobs. It’s between 00.00 AM to 06.00 AM, in business days (Monday till Friday) if you are Indonesian member. You should wait for it. Of course you must be strong enough to standby in front of your PC until morning, hehehe. The additional factor of the available linkpost job frequency is depend on your luck :).

To know about any linkpost available in your account, you don’t have to go to “search linkpost jobs” menu. Just watch your control center. You will be notified if any linkpost jobs available for you.

When you get notified like that, click and grab it immediately or you’ll lost it. there are A LOT of blogger who looking for this opportunity, so, you must to be the quickest who grab the available linkpost job. If you’re late, that linkpost job will no longer available. So, make sure that you keep eye from your PC screen.

If you haven’t noticed, means that you don’t have any available linkpost to do. The appearance of available linkpost is unpredictable. So, you can refresh that notice box by clicking “alert” button every 5 minutes or your preferred time range. Who knows if you lucky :).

Once you clicked on that notice, you shall redirecting to “search linkpost job” menu. Then you get a linkpost with yellow background.

Click it to accept and if it success, you will notified that the linkpost have been accepted and wait for advertiser’s approval. But if it failed, you will notified that the linkpost job has no longer available. Next, wait for approval. You will notified by email if advertisers approved your offer. Once it approved, I think you should know what the next steps as it a Paid To review program. Start to writing about it, don’t forget to include some advertiser’s requirement such text links/anchor text, word amount, and the relevance. That’s all.

Yep, I think this tips are easy to understanding, unless if you are Indonesian people or maybe native US person who don’t understand about my bad English. Well, good luck.

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  1. flextramedia says:

    wuihhh.. mantoff non.. tiap malem aku buka linkworth kok ga ada yang kuning ya..? meraahhhhhhh smua.. pa raport blog ku di sekolah blog merah ya?..hehe. btw. thanks for your tips.. bravo

  2. irien says:

    makasih ya atas informasinya,tp blogku masih blom ber PR nih….nanti setelah ber PR aku juga mau ikutan ah…

  3. kang dadang says:

    thank you ya dah mampir to my blog

  4. diemaz says:

    jadi masih 16 tahun yaa, hebat bgt… kalah nih w

  5. Penjual says:

    Very nice effort, I am newbie and start selling an items. I am interested to get barter link. Please let me know. Here is my small shop

  6. Mandunk says:

    Wah jadi ngiri nih kira2 kapan ya giliran gue…

  7. Profesor Gadget says:

    Waaaaau, penghasilan yg sangad luwar biasa 🙂

  8. inui says:

    *jleb jleb jleb*

    O.O sugeeee
    tolong ajarkan saya kk

  9. Ardian says:

    wah, keren!
    aku aja dari Linkworth blog sampe segitu 🙁 Btw, udah nyoba paid review dimana aja? Klo SponsoredReviews ma Blogsvertise dah coba blom?

  10. lunaticg says:

    Thank you for sharing about link post.
    Will try them later.

  11. adeska says:

    I'm sure it reached through work smart and work hard. isn't it?

  12. Qumang says:

    Tq. Now i know how link post works!

  13. Syamsul Alam says:

    Wow…. pretty nice! Even if you're still so young, you are so good in English. Nice first $100 report too…

    I found that I love this blog, and I think I should follow this blog. Just to make sure that I won't miss any of your great post later…

    Thx for visiting mine, hope your $100 transform into $1000 soon…. Hahaha…. just don't forget to treat me pizza if you are able to generate your first $1000.


    Syamsul Alam

  14. Administrator Frelia says:

    @Om Alam: Thanks for your support, I appreciate it. I always treat my friends and classmates as a 'syukuran' when I get my payments. Hihihi^^

  15. Wahmao says:

    Wow, nice. I've used linkworth for like a month but to no avail, yet!. But I still like it because it helps me to improve my linkrank etc.

  16. tips komputer says:

    great post, thx

  17. tips blog says:


  18. sahabat says:

    good job, nice info. Good luck

  19. Ainttutorial says:

    Emang harus ber PR ya?? Hilang deh harapan…

  20. yuya indou says:

    hi frelia…kunjungan balik nih…
    ngomong2 kmrn aq dah daftar linkworth n dah dpt balasan.. akirnya aq di tolak .. hiks2… T T

  21. hadi-7 says:

    makasih infonya
    kunjung balik ya, tukeran link
    linkmu sudah saya taruh di

  22. seo best internet says:

    mantabs…. i will try..

  23. JR says:

    wakh keren nih……jadi pengen ikutan aku….soalnya gag pernah dapet job dari situ

  24. Pusat Penjualan Tabita Skincare says:

    Hebat tenan, belom daftar nih. Caranya gmana yang jelas. Kita di suruh review gitu?

  25. Free Advertisement Place says:

    Waduh … kalah neh …
    Udah beberapa bulan belum juga dapet job neng …
    PR blog udah 3 lho … kenapa ya???

  26. hitesh rawat says:

    this is great….didn't knew about it till now….will check it out and using your referral

  27. Mao says:

    This is great.. I thought linkworth is a PTC program.

  28. Terima Kasih Info Do follow Blog nya bos.. Bagi kita yang masih miskin paypal untuk beli link, sangat di untungkan dengan adanya blog-blog dofollow yang memberikan coment gratis di blog nya, moga budi baiknya dapat imbalan PR naik dan trafik tinggi bos.. Thanks

  29. eAr says:

    wah, bagus tu, tapi mesti naikin trafik dulu. . . . .

  30. blog says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on My First $100 From Linkworth.

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