MySpace and Facebook, a new alliance in pursuit of entertainment

MySpace holds a mashup with Facebook, which seems to make more the first time they try to remember the “glory” before the appearance of giant Zuckerberg.
In October, MySpace had already begun to take steps to avoid being compared with Facebook, even though at first was the classic rival network of Zuckerberg. Thus began to leave behind the old rivalry towards providing a more functional entertainment to those who opted for both social networks and seeking a place to share.

The mashup agreement between MySpace and Facebook delivers many possibilities for users, and best of all, it is just a few clicks away from becoming a reality, if they want the owners of MySpace profiles. Facebook integration can be carried out easily, thus leading to the complete customization of content in real time you want to see as the interests and tastes of the owner of that profile.

Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace and Dan Rose, vice president of alliances and marketing platform of Facebook, announced the strategic alliance on Thursday, saying “We are delighted to take a step further our cooperation through this mashup between Facebook and MySpace . The idea is to enhance the content available in real time, as a symbol of what is trying to do through this union.

MySpace is characterized by the availability of a large amount of content online to playing live, and is one of the things that Facebook have taken advantage of integrating these accounts to which users have the same social network Zuckerberg. The mere possibility of enjoying favorite shows that everyone has, in real time and in their own profiles, is a very exciting, especially because now they will have available an infinite amount of resources of the MySpace community.

A clear example of the mashup agreement between these two great brands, is that MySpace can now be seen in the classic button “Like”, which allows users to share all you like about this network is now on Facebook. Not sure this is going to allow MySpace again relive those glory days when it was ranked number one, but still provides a service which together with other social networking giant, will ensure a longer life .

An interesting question would be to check how much Facebook is benefiting from this idea. What appears is that the company headed by Zuckerberg is trying to offer a better service, but saves energy for the outlet to the world of your new email system, therefore leverages the technology and systems for major brands such as MySpace to give a new perspective to their users, but does not wear their resources on something else than what has already target.

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