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At the time of internationalization, the problem sometimes arises to translate our website, several methods exist and are not all identical. Today I offer some solutions for this.traduction-de-site-web

Be translated into internal

Method often chosen because seems the simplest and least expensive, but is often missed in the end …

Note that a professional translator can translate about 1500 words / day so unprofessional is far from this performance. The content of an E-commerce site is variable, it depends on the number of categories and sheets by category. For example, a site with 10 categories with 100 entries product category.

A product contains an average of 150 words so it is about 150,000 words (10X 100X 150 out FAQ / Terms / other content).

So this method is time consuming and tedious for the bilingual employee internally (non professional translation) that will soon be tired and will likely do a shoddy job. This will require about 5 person months of work which represents a cost of € 15,000 salary including charges. If you have an activity in the Hightech or fashion you can not afford to wait five months …

To hire a freelance translator

There are specialized networks are referenced translators. is best known in the world of translation. You can get in touch with translators and negotiate their services. Prices are variable and depend on their professional experience and the category of text to translate (product ready to wear, legal etc).

You will manage the recruitment, price negotiation and payment in order to a person at the other end of the world, then check the work done so.traduction2_deo2

Go through a traditional translation agency

The agency takes care of everything but the prices are often high: 0.15 € to 0.30 € per word. In the example of this would be 150,000 words of € 22,500 to € 45,000 …!

Ideal for translations that require the intervention of a project: a text format, take care to export your content from your site and reimport once translated or other benefits.

Use a translation platform via Web service

There are currently some in France. is one of them, the principle is the following:

The keyword is “self service”, which allows for low operating costs through a fully automated platform and benefit from competitive translation rates (0.06 € / word) Indeed, the customer orders the world whole are pooled on the platform and allow to benefit from negotiated rates with thousands of professionals and freelancers.

dixit-traduction-550x275The only human intervention is that of professional translators who translate client projects. You can use this platform in several ways: via the website; via API; by downloading a module (compatible with PrestaShop to date); import / export CSV file free service.

150 000 words to translate this represents € 9,000 and will take about 15 working days.

The translation budget may seem high but do not lose in mind that the translation is the natural extension of the editorial budget that will allow your site to capture new customers!

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