How old Gmail?

On 1 April 2004, Google introduced the beta version of its webmail feature, originally available only on invitation. Ten years later, Gmail has over 425 million users. In 2013, are 182 billion emails that were sent every day!  How old Gmail? 10 years, so happy birthdaygmail-10-ans

It took about three years to develop the application. Gmail has really changed the way we use e-mail. At the time, we were all blocked by storage space. It was not uncommon to receive weekly alerts on the lack of ability! Gmail has changed the supplanting its competitors Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail.

10 years have passed. Gmail has improved over the years with additional features. We can note:

  •      The Cat and the Calendar in 2006
  •      The Priority Inbox in 2010
  •      Box minimalist reception in 2011
  •      Adding tabs in 2013

To celebrate this anniversary, the guys at Mashable did a nice little video shown. Here it is:

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