OneTimeBox, free site to create a folder for sharing files online

To share documents with friends or family, the simplest is still the Internet. Now we all have good connection at home to share videos, photos, music or other at lightning speed. OneTimeBox is a new free site to create a folder for sharing files online …


As its name suggests, you simply create a box , transfer files and share them online . Unlike other sites, OneTimeBox requires no registration . The site provides a unique URL through which you can access your file . You can share the same URL with your friends. Anyone with access to this URL will be able to download files from the folder you created . In fact, anyone with access to this URL will also be able to delete files in the folder .

OneTimeBox plays it safe by storing data in Amazon S3 . The important thing to do is to remember the URL. Moreover, in this regard, the creators of the site could add a system to shorten and customize the link. It was still easier to remember them !

OneTimeBox know ? Do you use a similar service to share files online?

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