Over 100 000 photos of NASA breathtaking

If you like the pictures of the space while NASA will brighten your day. The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space has unveiled a huge photo library: 138 000! These sources come from photos taken by Hubble, JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), and Apollo missions, including. NASAImages, The site has been created by Luna Imaging. It combines more than 70 collections in its database available free on the Internet …nasaimages

NASAImages how does it work?

Arriving on the site’s home page, you may notice a research tool. It offers search by genre, archives, by year, by mission or keyword. You can also browse the site by category highlighted: planets, robots, astronauts, space shuttles, and many others.nasaimages-recherche

NASAImages, photos breathtaking

When you click a photo, you see a larger version. A screen left you can even get a lot of information such as the title of the picture, description, and other key elements of the picture. Each image also includes a link to buy a print. Note also that the best resolution you can download is limited to 1536 pixels.nasaimages-interface

NASAImages, still improvements please!

Revealing all these photos to the general public is a great idea. If the site’s home page is easy, it is not the same for the rest of the site. Indeed, when you are researching or want to view images, you are redirected to a site of the 90s! A few improvements are needed.

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