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I realized that today I lost my pagerank on this blog. I felt like ‘struck by lightning’ when I knew it. I thought it will be okay since I run this blog since March. I am a little puzzled as to why this might have happened. It would seem that I am being penalized for something. I have narrowed it down to a number of possibilities:

They (Google) have realized that I am selling links or do paid review programs on my blog.
I know that this can result in a loss of PageRank. It’s a bit of a vicious circle though. I want to monetize the site, so once I have some PR, I can sell links or do paid posts on it. Then, when Google finds out they take away my PR and the link buyers withdraw their purchases because they want some link juice from the links that they purchase.
Solution? Remove the links and I should get PR back at the next update. Or maybe you can do this step, add ‘nofollow’ tag in each link in your blog post.

PageRank has been lost because I have changed the site structure
This is really a guess and it could just be coincidental that I lost my PR when I did something in the HTML template such as resize or change tags. But I think it will be okay and my pagerank should restored after the next update.

Google’s PR system is going haywire and should stabilize soon
I have read on the forums that people have suddenly lost PR for a couple of weeks and it has suddenly magically returned. Could be that they are in the process of realigning their PR scores and during this process some of the scores are reset to 0 temporarily. However, this could be just wishful thinking on my part.
Solution? Wait and see :).

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  1. cerita naruto says:

    Just like i am worry about. you put a mistake by post review on post review without make another posting.

  2. Administrator Frelia says:

    Yeah, obviously. I should concentrate to make some non-paid post to make it balanced.

  3. buwel says:


  4. Yeyen Markoyen says:

    semangat yah!!!

  5. Zippy says:

    Hmmm, ayoo kejar lagi PR'x, hehehe….
    Salam kenal yah 🙂

  6. Administrator Frelia says:

    Thank you, everyone. I will never stop!!!

  7. flextra says:

    semangat non… msh byk jalan kok..

  8. Newest in my life says:

    Hi… sorry for this condition…If like that happens….its very seldom PR comeback in this blog….I have ever been…And I make a new blog again!

    Maybe…maen EC and adgitize aja deh…

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