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I know that I have been late to know about this. Several days ago, I noticed about Google page rank update. I checked my blog and Google have mercy to grant me page rank 2. Thanks God, finally I got my blog ranked after some post I wrote.

Some of my friend’s blog have increased just like mine, some decreased, even some struck by Google to 0. That’s not a problem, the page rank has nothing but your blog means everything :). However, there’s no reason anymore that I get rejected because of my page rank 0 blog, hhaha….what a “lebay” advertisers who said that?

Me, Administrator Frelia says “keep blogging” and be patient about being an Indonesian blogger. I love you all, my followers, my readers, my subscribers, and especially my Sensei who taught me everything. More special thanks always for the God.

Almost forgot, if you want to know about your page rank, you can check it at,, and you can also put their page rank widget to watch your curent page rank on your blog. Thanks for reading, enjoy and good luck :).

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  1. Talk2myCPA says:

    Congrats! for your new pagerank. keep it up!

  2. Offshore Software Development says:

    I have seen in seo forums that people are discussing about recent page rank update by google but i have not noticed any changes in my website please confirm if any page rank update has been done in month of june

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