Paid content in blogs?

Yesterday I received a partnership offer for some of my articles. The idea was to make readers pay for premium content. The idea made me laugh so much that I had insomnia, you’re saying. My old! Already we have trouble getting 250 visitors a day, you want us to take them scamper off with paid content?

I think this person is inspired by the American blogs coaching where you must register for personalized assistance. One must never compare the Indonesian and American blogosphere, because firstly, I would say that American readers are willing to put their hands in the pocket. In addition, articles in English can reach millions of readers while for the Indonesian sphere is more like a closed loop.

I see only one option if you want to live for the content of his blog: Consulting, but again, it takes a sacred authority to succeed. Sponsored articles are also interesting, but this remains uncertain. The majority of the readership French is not prepared to pay whatever the content even though it appears that Mediapart succeeds better than most.

I ask this person how long she blogs and she replied two months … I see! She is still in its period of dream where she heard that can make a fortune in a few days with a blog. You’ll often see advice like this in the blogs kind of coaching: just believe in his abilities and all will succeed. My dear friend! I advise you to come down to earth, the fall is likely to be brutal!

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