Penetration of Facebook over the years

facebookFacebook is undoubtedly the social network reference. Its development in recent years has been forced to walk in the world. Created in 2004, Facebook now claims (09 March 2010) over 400 million users worldwide.

Between 2004 and 2009, growth has been exponential as indicated in the figures below, whose data are based on Google Insight, a good measure of mouth on the Web. Let’s see in images below :

Launched in 2004, the Facebook site was then called “TheFaceBook” and concerned only the American students.

The year 2005 was marked by the abandonment of the domain name for The latter was bought $ 200,000. At that time, students can access the site by invitation only.

In September 2006, Facebook opened to the public. Immediate effect, because the service is used, including outside the U.S. (Canada, United States and Puerto Rico principally).

2007 marks the real turning international Facebook. Canada is a figurehead very active, followed by the United Kingdom, South Africa and Turkey.
The expansion involves the enrichment of the service. That is why this year, Facebook released its API for developers. Within months, they are thousands of applications that are developed.

In Turkey, this is madness. The country becomes more active (relative to its population) in the world. Other countries in the dance like Colombia, Chile, Venezuela. In Europe, Croatia and France stand out.

The whole world is now reached by the Facebook phenomenon (except China).

Great success for a site whose interest seems to me still limited. Especially as the monetization of the service appears successful. And the best is yet to come obviously.

Images credits : Pingdom

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