Photodrop as an alternative to Imgur for image sharing

Put things in their place: Imgur is an online service that provides a simple and free way to share photos with friends. Photodrop is a new free service that can be considered as an alternative to Imgur. In fact, you can download one or more image (s) by simply dragging and dropping. Thereafter, Photodrop allows easy sharing …photodrop

Once sent your images, you can rename the gallery and share it quickly through the “Email Link” button. Photodrop is under development and it is sorely lacking in features. We can, however, that three options will emerge: Photo Prints (for printing), Calendars (for creating calendar) and Photo Book (for the creation of the book). These options are not yet available at the time of writing his lines.photodrop-galerie

As I said earlier, Photodrop is a little young and it still lacks a few options to make it unavoidable. On the fly, we can note:

  • Creating an account to find galleries
  • A search
  • Adding a tool to edit your photos
  • Links sharing to social networks
  • The possibility to customize the share link

I think that with these additions, Photodrop can stand as a great alternative to Imgur!

What is your opinion on the online service Photodrop?

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